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Feeling powerless is attributed to a host of failures but something’s awry with the very claim. When you say, “I am feeling powerless,” what’s really going on?

A Stream of Consciousness on Feeling Powerless

Powerless is not a feeling. So right off the bat we’re in foul territory.

Feeling powerless most commonly is used in an emotional sense. I feel powerless over my [insert circumstance here]. Given that most people feel powerless over things that don’t  require physical strength to deal with, we know the reference is emotional.

Which brings us back to the problem – powerless is not an emotion.

And there’s an additional concern here. This word is basically a statement in the negative. What you are NOT feeling is powerful. I am not feeling powerful is the same as I am feeling powerless.

If what you are NOT feeling is powerFULL, then what  you are you feeling? But again, neither powerless or powerful are emotions, so that whole journey is destined to fail.

When you think you’re feeling powerless, you might as well be saying out loud: I am feeling something that is impossible to feel because what I think I feel doesn’t actually exist.

Instead of continuing to believe you’re feeling powerless, seek to understand which actual emotion you’re feeling. When you discover the real emotion, you will be in a more powerful position to resolve it.

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