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There is significant evidence that our posture has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves. Those of us in leadership positions would agree that how we feel about ourselves is extremely important in our work.

Do you carry yourself well?

If you have ever looked up to a leader in admiration because of how they carry themselves in day to day life, you might not have been aware that their posture is what you are actually attracted to.

When you stand up straight, hold your head high, look people in the eyes, and smile more, you come off as confident. People will see you as a strong, confident, and powerful person whose presence lights up a room – even if you don’t necessarily feel that way on the inside all of the time.

This is not just an observation, but backed by science.

Scientific studies show that practicing good posture affects our mood. This particular study showed that those who sat in an upright position recalled positive memories more easily than when sitting in a “slumped” position. When sitting in a slumped position, recalling negative memories was much easier.

What does this show?

Throughout the day, our mind tends to wander. If we are not aware of our posture and sit in a slumped position, negative memories of ourselves will more easily rise to those wandering thoughts. If we are constantly recalling negative memories of ourselves throughout the day, we are not going to be effective leaders.

On the other hand, when we are sitting in an upright position, empowering and positive memories of ourselves will more easily float among our wandering thoughts. This can help us in many ways other than self-confidence. If we are in a leadership position and part of our job is to come up with solutions to issues, we can more easily find possible solutions if we are thinking positively about situations in the past when we were successful. This can help us come up with better ideas when we are thinking of times we have won, rather than times we have failed.

Yes, we learn from our failures and it is important that we remember them. However, learning from failures is associated with positive feelings. Feeling negative about our failures will cloud us from seeing the lesson in the failure.

Do you want to be a better leader?

If your answer is yes, then learning how to increase your personal power is essential. Having bad posture is like putting your mind on a loop of recurring negative thoughts about yourself. For leaders who feel helpless, something as simple as changing your posture may do the trick.

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