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Without your customers, you do not have a business. Simple.

In fact, the World’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and all-around American technology entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist has taken this customer-focused mindset into his boardroom. It is well known that at the board of Amazon, Jeff always leaves an empty chair around the table. This empty chair is there to illustrate the customer; every decision made by the board must have the customer in mind. Every decision made must be agreed by this empty chair.

And the same should be said for many business owners. No matter your company size, you must always remember your customers.

In this article, allow us to share with you our top three tips on how to ensure your complaining customers leave satisfied.

Handle Feedback

It has always been said that bad news travels much faster than good news, and unfortunately the same thing can be said for the business world. If we have a bad experience of something the likelihood is that we will tell 10 people. If we have a good experience, we will only tell 1 person.

Crazy statistics, right?

But whether you are hearing good feedback or bad feedback – use it, and work with it. It is easy to let emotions ride high after hearing negative feedback; especially if it is your business. Your business is your baby, right? You nurtured it from the start, and now someone is bad mouthing it?! Take a step back, do not allow emotions to rule your response and take a breather before you respond.


The majority of the time, when a complaint comes in, the complainer just wants to be listened to. They want to have their say and have their voice heard. The worst thing you can do is to not listen and ignore what they are telling you.

Actively listen to your customers’ complaints and show empathy whilst doing so. For all you know, your customer could just be having a really rough day. Sure, they should not take it out on you or your business, but their experience with you could just be the light that lit the fuse. Show empathy, listen and show with the intent that you care.

Learn from Mistakes

Using the two above tips, it is time to get pro-active in your quest to keep customers happy. If you can handle feedback and listen in the right ways, then you also need to actively get out there and prove you are taking action. And that means not only in the moment right now but also for the future too. Normally a complaint can be handled smoothly and calmly if you can prove you are willing to take action. If not, if you hide behind ‘policies and procedures’ you are only going to make the situation much worse.

Always remember: Your customer supports your business. So, support them back. Listen, care, and take action to appease the complaint and you may find the relationship between your customer and your business will grow much stronger.

Massive thank you to https://www.infusionsoft.com/business-success-blog/customer-service/customer-experience/ensure-customer-satisfaction for the inspiration for this post.

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